1. Which of your pieces most helped you identify or explore and develop your God-given abilities?

I think my Shakespearean Sonnet helped me identify or explore and develop my God-given abilities the most. I was able to quickly think of a topic to write about and had a really fun time trying to make my poem rhyme in the “abab cdcd efef gg” rhyme scheme. This helped me realize that I was able to demonstrate my creativity through this poem.


  1. Which of your pieces best demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively? Give three reasons and explain.

My restaurant review best demonstrates my ability to communicate effectively. Through my restaurant review, readers can understand three things instantly. First, they will understand the background of the restaurant and the general mood inside the restaurant. Second, readers will be able to know the general price of the food served in SchoolFood through my listing of the prices of a couple of specific dishes. Third, I listed all the locations of the restaurant in Hong Kong so that the reader doesn’t have to separately find where the closest restaurant would be.


  1. Which piece either demonstrates striving for excellence, or discusses striving for excellence and its importance in another area besides writing?

I think my restaurant review also does a good job in demonstrating the ESLR, “striving for excellence.” The area I had to strive for excellence was the fact that I had to pay attention to many things I don’t normally pay attention to because the only thing that I look at in a restaurant is the food. For example, I had to look around and observe the general mood like the lighting, background music, and furniture. I also had to take pictures and record the time it takes for the food to come and etc. I did all of these during my time in the restaurant for the good of my readers. I wanted to give my readers a detailed restaurant review, because there are some customers who place value even on the smallest things like lighting and background music.


  1. Which of your pieces explores why it is important to act as a responsible member of the global community?

The Kite Runner mini-essay #1 definitely helped me reflect on the importance of acting as a responsible member of the global community. In The Kite Runner, Amir, the main character, had to make many tough decisions in his life. Amir’s deep regret over his treatment of Hassan is a constant happening in the story and reading about the hardships he goes through because of his mistake definitely shows the importance of being a responsible member of the global community.


  1. How did this course help you to know, understand, and apply biblical principles? Explain, giving specific examples.

This course helped me know, understand and apply biblical principles in many ways. One example is The Kite Runner as there were many times where we compared Amir’s actions to whether it would something a Christian should do. Whether it was in our mini-essays or discussion this course did somewhat give me a habit of applying or comparing biblical principles to whatever we discussed about.


  1. How did this course help you to think independently, creatively, and analytically?

This course helped me to think independently, creatively and analytically in many ways over the year. Writing in general requires a lot of independent thinking and creativity. For example, during the time we spent studying and reading the Kite Runner, we had many assignments like discussion questions and mini-essays to demonstrate our independent thinking and analytical skills. Through poem assignments, I was able to demonstrate my creativity through the topic and the rhyming of my poems.