Final Draft

           Courage is the willingness to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves or simply bravery in the face of danger. In The Kite Runner, there are two characters who exemplify courage: Baba and Hassan. Baba exemplifies courage in chapter __ by standing up for the woman on the bus who was about get raped by Russian soldiers. During that scene, he could have gotten his life taken but he was never afraid of anything. Hassan is also another courageous character. Despite being bullied by the community for being a Hazara, he still stands up for Amir when he was being mistreated by Assef and his gang with his sling shot.

        Amir was never willing to or able to stand up for himself or anyone else. Due to this fact, most would believe Amir is the complete opposite of courageous. However, Amir shows a great deal of courage, as he is willing to accept that he is not a good person, that he is deeply flawed, even if he is not able fix these negative aspects of his character.

        The only time I can remember myself being courageous was when me and a couple of other students went to talk to Ms. Pearl Chan about students who were cheating in the January SAT test. At first, I was very worried about doing this because I was scared I would get caught by my friends that I was telling on them. However, the level of cheating was simply unacceptable so I stood up and went to discuss this matter. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about this issue due to the lack of physical evidence.



Although I’m not a huge fan of books, Kite Runner was a great book that got me thinking all the time. I enjoyed comparing and reflecting on my own life and how I can relate with some of the main characters in the book. It didn’t take a long time to think or write this piece. This mini-essay was my favorite among the three mini-essays we were required to write.