Final Draft

     I have always noticed a preference or likening for math subjects. I always had the idea that I excelled in solving math questions mostly because I assiduously studied for it. However, this year, for the first time, I am taking an AP math course called AP Calculus AB and I am experiencing struggles that I have never felt before. I realized I shouldn’t underestimate math anymore.

     On the first week of school, we were given a Pre-calculus test to refresh our knowledge.  I studied for about an hour the day before and I ended up being the only one to get every single question correct in the entire class. Seeing this score, I thought to myself that I would have no trouble getting a 5 on my AP exam. However, a few weeks later, we had our first Calculus test. In only a matter of weeks, we were given  another test that covered a wide range of concepts. But because of how easy I earned my first test grade, I didn’t think it was necessary to pull an all nighter for this test.

     When I stepped into the classroom the next day and looked at the first question, I knew this wasn’t going to be good. Mr. Kwon, my math teacher, had given the class a pile of packet full of questions to solve over the past weeks. However, I prioritized other subjects’ homework and decided not to solve any of them. As a result, I received a big fat F for my test grade. I was extremely depressed that day and I had lost all motivation to do anything. I was supposed to have volleyball practice, but for the first time I skipped practice and went straight home to figure out what went wrong.

     Three weeks later, it was already time to take our 3rd test of the year. Having bad memories of the previous test, I studied more than I have ever done so that I could save my grade. Thankfully, I received a 98% by only getting one question wrong. Through this experience, I learned how strong underestimating a test can be. It completely changed my mindset and attitude towards math.

Rough Draft

Since 8th grade, I started to excel in math because I began to study for it. For the past few years in 9th and 10th grade math was the my favorite subject as it was the easiest subject. For almost every single test or exam, I received higher than a B+. However, this year, as I am taking AP Calculus AB, i realized i shouldn’t underestimate math tests anymore.

So far, this year we had two tests already and the first one I answered every question correct and received an A+. But the second one, for the first time in my entire life, I failed a test. It wasn’t an Asian fail of a B or a C, but a legitimate fail. Mr. Kwon, my math teacher, told me that he was very shocked too. As a result, on the day I received my test, I went home immediately, skipping Volleyball practice, to correct my work and figure out why I got such a score. This experience was something that completely changed my mind or attitude towards math courses.


This was my favorite quick write topic because I could relate this to my Calculus class very well at that time. Calculus was killing me during the time I wrote this piece because it made me very depressed. Since I was depressed I thought about it a lot, especially when I walk home or take showers.